Aftermarket Assassins Polaris Ranger 1000 2020+ Single Cam Models

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Aftermarket Assassins Polaris Ranger 1000 2020+ Single Cam Models

  • Fits All 2020+ Ranger 1000 Single Cam Models
  • Our S1 recoil clutch kits pack a huge punch!  We did extensive testing and tried many different setups to get everything out of the Ranger 1000 single cam model.  The clutch kit helps pick up RPM quicker and rev a little higher.  This motor does not like to rev as high as the dual cam motor, but it does like a little more RPM.  If tuned, clutching for 6500 RPM with our spring and weight profile/setup we picked up 2-3hp to the wheels.  Our clutch kit works great with a stock vehicle, tuned vehicle, or up to 30″ tires and any combination of those.
  • Buttery smooth engagement
  • We especially recommend this with our tuning as it will allow for higher RPM which allows you to reach the peak power of the Ranger 1K motor
  • A simply must have when running larger tires
  • Faster acceleration
  • Wicked throttle response and quicker down shifts
  • Cooler running belt temps (especially when running larger tires)
  • Our Recoil clutch weights are easily adjustable with simple magnets.  They have a custom AA profile, the BEST coating on the market(nitrocarburizing) which has increased wear resistance, improved fatigue strength, and added surface lubricity. These clutch weights also offer great performance, and the ability to tune for many different applications or modification in the future, without the need to buy extra parts.  The magnetic weights are the best option to properly place the mass where we need it on the weight for best performance for your application.
  • Our great setup guideline lets you know how to set the weights up for different size tires and other variables, as well as how to check to make sure clutching is setup correctly.
  • Kits include: AA Recoil magnetic adjustable clutch weights, & our primary spring


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