RPM Powersports Can-Am X3 Turbo R & RR Big Mouth Cat Delete Bypass Mid Race Pipe

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RPM Powersports Can-Am X3 Turbo R & RR Big Mouth Cat Delete Bypass Mid Race Pipe

Unlike all others, the RPM bypass pipe has a large and smooth inner diameter transition for equal and smooth airflow with a 2.5″ diameter ALL THE WAY THROUGH!! Most all aftermarket and the stock headers are 2.5″ and right before the muffler taper down to 2″ restricting exhaust flow severely. Our Mid Pipe includes a replacement gasket to compensate for the new larger opening.
This Stainless, TIG-welded X3 Cat Bypass Pipe Exhaust frees up the absolute most HP and substantially lowers temperature radiating from the exhaust system.  Any restriction, especially the stock catalytic converter after the turbo, directly reduces horsepower.  The RPM Cat bypass will net you 6-7 wheel horsepower with the stock tune. Tuning is NOT needed for a mid-pipe alone!  All factory heat shields can be reused! Factory or our RPM Powersports slip-on muffler fits straight to this cat delete with NO modifications!


  • Sport exhaust tone
  • Weighs Only 4.8 LBS, 3LB’s lighter than stock!
  • Extremely lightweight!
  • Includes TWO O2 Bungs for those using data loggers!
  • O2 bung caps included for those not using them!
  • 2.5″ piping all the way through
  • 100% bolt-on installation
  • Uses factory O2 sensor
  • All brackets and mounts as on OEM unit
  • Lowers heat radiating from the exhaust components
  • Adds approximately 6-7 horsepower
  • Reuses factory heat shields
  • Cat Bypass connects to the OEM or RPM Slip-On muffler
  • Connects to the OEM or aftermarket mufflers that use the stock style header


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