Moose Utility Switchback Tire

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Product Details


Moose Utility Switchback Tire


  • Aggressive tread design that works great in a full range of terrains from muddy conditions to hard pack or loam. The Switchback covers them all!
  • Tread pattern and wide footprint give exceptional traction
  • Wide shoulder lugs protect sidewalls
  • 25” thru 27” are 6 ply and 28” thru 32” are 8ply

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25X8-12, 25X10-12, 26X9-12, 26X10-12, 26X12-12, 27X9-14, 27X10-14, 27X11-14, 27X12-14, 28X10-14, 30X10-14, 25X11-9 4PR, 25X12-9 4PR, 25X11-104PR, 23X8-11 4PR, 24X9-11 4PR, 24X8-12 4PR, 29X9-14, 29X11-14, 32X10-14, 26X8-14, 26X10-14, 28X9-14, 28X11-14, 30X11-14

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