System 3 Off-Road SS360 Sand/Snow Tires



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The brand new System 3 SS360 is a revolutionary tire with a versatile tread pattern that performs well in both sand and snow environments. The unique crossing tread provides razor sharp turning and handling as well as unmatched “all-terrain” rider versatility in the sand. The impressive light weight two ply casing and low rolling resistance design is easy on drive components.


  • High speed performance and low drag
  • “All-terrain” type paddle tire that doesn’t push in the corners
  • 2 ply casing creates massive flotation
  • Tread depth: 0.63 inches
  • Traction is the same for front and rear, SS360 is unrivaled for four wheel drive applications
  • Ultra light weight for low rotating mass!
  • Less rolling resistance is easier on crucial drive components like the drive belt and axles

NEW High HP Rear Tires! 

  • Tread arcs (20mm deep on new HP model, 13mm deep on standard model)
  • Ideal for machines with 200+ HP

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30×10-14, 30×12-14, 32×10-15, 32×12-15, 32X12X15 HP MODEL