UTVMA Can-Am Maverick Cooler Rack




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UTVMA Can-Am Maverick Cooler Rack

The room a Cooler Rack provides for supplies allows the UTV adventurer to bring the essentials for their transitions. The Maverick Max Cooler Rack provides space for extra items as well as easy access to supplies. The Cooler Racks measure 12” wide, 29” long, and 10” tall. It is powder-coated to match the Stock Roll Cages and they bolt on and off in minutes. With the Cooler Rack bolted on, there is space for the tailgate to open so that your convenience is not compromised. A Cooler Rack makes up for any lost cargo space from adding a Back Seat and Roll Cage so that you can bring extra passengers as well as bring supplies. Let the day transition through the hours and know you have what you need to experience every moment.



  • Bolts on and off in minutes.
  • Immaculate welding.
  • Product created with extreme care and precision.
  • Adds room for drinks or supplies.
  • Product in stock and ready to ship within 1-2 business days.

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