TPR Industry Bed Delete Can-Am X3 Crankcase Breather Kit




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TPR Industry Bed Delete Can-Am X3 Crankcase Breather Kit


For cars with a stock bed cover please use part number (TPR106)

TPR crank case breather kits are a huge improvement for crankcase ventilation and are able to capture/contain fuel, water & oil vapor. When boost levels are increased your engine produces more crankcase pressure or “blowby” causing internal pressure contaminating your intake charge which in turn causes pre ignition or “detonation”. Pre ignition is the number one cause of head gasket failures. These tanks are internally baffled and chambered to catch oil, fuel and water vapors without making a mess on your car.

When running ethanol or methanol base fuels, fuel vapors in the crankcase are increased drastically contaminating the engine oil. These kits are designed to capture these vapors keeping your oil cleaner and less fuel contaminated. A drain is installed in the lower portion of tank for easy access of draining all captured fluids.

These tanks feature a billet mounting bracket that’s CNC machined in house. All of these tanks are made in the USA and were designed by TPR.

Installing –

These kits are a direct bolt on with no modifications to chassis. Kit will utilize the stock breather hose and only requires a few inches to be trimmed off, or we offer a race spec hose kit that will come with all AN fittings and push lock hose in an additional part number (TPR108).

Installation time is approximately 30 min.

Two Types Of Kits Available –

We offer two style kits, one is for factory style car with a bed and the other is for a car with a bed delete kit. For a car with a stock bed cover use part number (TPR106)

Tanks Are Cerakoted –

All tanks come in clear or black ceramic Cerakote coating for high durability.

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