SuperATV Honda Talon 1000X RackBoss 2.0 Rack & Pinion




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SuperATV Honda Talon 1000X RackBoss 2.0 Rack & Pinion

Racks wear down over time and there’s nothing you can do to stop it. They all end up feeling loose and giving you crappy steering responsiveness eventually. At least, that was true before RackBoss 2.0 came along. It builds on the success of our original RackBoss by being stronger and more durable than ever. It’s made with our innovative X24 Tech that uses a dual-bushing design to reduce wear by over 50% compared to stock. That makes it the longest-lasting rack you can get—perfect for controlling massive tires on rugged terrain. Ride as hard and as long as you want. This rack keeps you in control.

Our X24 Dual-Bushing Design Reduces Wear and Tear
We’ve conquered the slop that ruins other racks. But how did we do it? Our X24 Tech uses ultra-tough PTFE bushings on both ends of the rack to remove play from your gears. With less play, you also get less motion on your internal tension spring. And with all that movement virtually eliminated, it’ll outlast any other rack you’ve used. And we’ve made it for the way you ride by including a grease fitting. It lets you clean out dirt and grime easily.

Solid Steel Bar Tie Rods
Our 1” diameter solid steel bar tie rods give you plenty of strength to roll through boulder fields and mud holes with confidence. They come paired with our beefy 3/4” Chromoly tie rod ends. Plus, our inner ball and sockets use the same 3/4” rod threads and 16 mm rack threads. These weak spots are made stronger than ever so you can get wild.

Billet Aluminum Hex Tie Rods
If you’re looking for the most premier Honda Talon 1000X steering rack you can get, then look no further. Our billet aluminum hex rods are lightweight, strong, and unmistakably sleek. They come complete with our oversized 3/4” Chromoly outer tie rod ends that are built to last. Plus, our inner tie rod ends are rebuildable and use 3/4” rod threads along with 16 mm rack threads. If you want the toughest and flashiest ride around, you need billet aluminum hex tie rods.

RackBoss 2.0 Solid Steel Tie Rod

RackBoss 2.0 Billet Tie Rod

Price $499.95 $599.95
X24 Tech Dual-Bushing Design
Tie Rod Material Solid steel bar 6061 Billet aluminum
Inner Ball and Socket Thread Diameter 3/4” rod threads, 16 mm rack threads 3/4” rod threads, 16 mm rack threads
Outer Tie Rod End Thread Diameter 3/4” 3/4”
Inner Boots
Steering Stop Kit
Misalignment Bushings, Tie Rod Studs, & Hardware



  • Heavy-duty dual PTFE bushings:
    • Designed with X24 Tech
    • Prevents wear
    • Reduces slop
    • Improves overall durability
  • Available tie rod options:
    • Solid steel bar
    • Billet aluminum hex
  • Solid steel and billet aluminum tie rods use:
    • 3/4” outer tie rod ends
    • Rebuildable inner tie rod ends that use 3/4” rod threads and 16 mm rack threads
  • 65% larger housing than stock
  • Over 50% less wear than OEM after 15,000 cycles
  • Grease fitting for rack gears



  • Honda Talon 1000X: 2019+
  • Honda Talon 1000X-4: 2020+

NOTE: Not compatible with SuperATV 8″ lift kit.

Additional information

Tie Rod Type

Solid Steel Bar, Billet Aluminum Hex

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