SuperATV Honda Talon 1000R 8″ Lift Kit




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SuperATV Honda Talon 1000R 8″ Lift Kit


Make your Honda Talon 1000R stand out like the menacing monster it is with an 8” Lift Kit from SuperATV. It’ll have you cruising over obstacles and through mud pits with the ease of a hot knife through butter. But be warned—this isn’t your average UTV lift. This SuperATV lift kit gives you unbelievable height (enough to clear 46” tires) and a bulletproof suspension. Think you can handle it?

True to Size: When we say you’re getting 8” of lift, we mean it. This lift kit gives you enough height to clear massive 46” tires and cross over any rock, log, or rut without a hitch. You’ll tower over your buddies and be the envy of everyone else at the ride park.

Unbeatable Suspension Components: This lift kit includes high-clearance A-arms with camber adjustability, heavy-duty radius and trailing arms, and Rhino 2.0 axles made with 4340 chromoly and heat treatment. These parts are trail-tested and designed for tough rides.

A Smooth Ride: Just because you’re adding some lift (OK, a lot of lift) to your machine doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice that smooth ride you’ve come to know and love. We designed this lift kit to maintain a good steering radius and suspension travel. You’ll enjoy the same comfortable ride you’re used to—just 8” higher.

Everything You Need: In addition to the heavy-duty suspension components, this kit comes with UHMW bushings, a Z-bend tie rod kit, front and rear limit straps, extended brake lines, and all necessary hardware. It’s everything you need to install it and hit the trails. Our instructions make installation easy, and our tech team can assist if needed.


  • 8” of lift
  • Adds 9″ of width to your machine
  • Run up to 46” tires
  • Features full camber adjustability
  • High-strength spring spacers
  • CNC laser cut and brake press bent steel brackets
  • Maintains good steering radius and suspension travel
  • Easy, bolt-on installation


  • Honda Talon R : 2019+


Kit Includes:
  • Upper and lower A-arms
  • Upper and lower trailing arms
  • Upper and lower radius arms
  • Track bars
  • (4) Rhino 2.0 Axles (front and rear)
  • (2) Rear sway bar links
  • (2) Shock brackets
  • (2) Front spring spacers
  • (16) UHMW bushings and (8) steel sleeves
  • Cross bar
  • Heavy-duty Z-bend tie rod kit
  • Front (23”) and rear (28”) limit straps
  • Extended brake lines


  • Ball joints are not included with this lift kit
  • Not compatible with RackBoss 2.0 Rack and Pinion



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