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SuperATV Can-Am Replacement Axle Boot – Rhino Brand


A torn or worn-out axle boot can make or break your ride. That’s why we think you should always have a reliable replacement on hand! Keep a SuperATV Replacement Axle Boot in your cab to stay on the trails all weekend long. Our replacement boots are designed to work with your Rhino Brand Axles. You get to choose between high-strength TPEE or rubber and each one comes with a clip, bands, and grease. Trust SuperATV to keep you from getting sidelined while doing what you love.


  • Available in rubber or thermoplastic elastomer (TPEE)
  • Clip, bands, and grease included
  • Easy to install
  • Designed to work with Rhino Brand Axles only


Rhino Brand Axles Inner CV Boot Kit Outer CV Boot Kit
7-13-14-FL-0-BT BK-001 BK-001
7-13-14-FR-0-BT BK-001 BK-001
7-13-FL-0-BT BK-001 BK-001
7-13-FR-0-BT BK-001 BK-001
7-13-LT6-FL-BT BK-001 BK-001
7-13-LT6-FR-BT BK-001 BK-001
7-14-FL-LT3-BT BK-001 BK-001
7-14-FL-LT4-BT BK-001 BK-001
7-14-FL-LT5-BT BK-001 BK-001
7-14-FR-0-BT BK-001 BK-001
7-14-FR-LT3-BT BK-001 BK-001
7-14-FR-LT4-BT BK-001 BK-001
7-14-FR-LT5-BT BK-001 BK-001
7-32-FL-0-BT BK-001 BK-001
7-32-FL-6-BT BK-001 BK-001
7-32-FL-LT3-BT BK-001 BK-001
7-32-FL-LT5-BT BK-001 BK-001
7-32-FR-0-BT BK-001 BK-001
7-32-FR-6-BT BK-001 BK-001
7-32-FR-LT3-BT BK-001 BK-001
7-43-FL-0-BT BK-001 BK-001
7-43-FR-0-BT BK-001 BK-001
7-13-14-RL-0-BT BK-002 BK-002
7-13-14-RR-0-BT BK-002 BK-002
7-13-LT6-RL-BT BK-002 BK-002
7-13-LT6-RR-BT BK-002 BK-002
7-13-RL-0-BT BK-002 BK-002
7-13-RL-4-BT BK-002 BK-002
7-13-RR-0-BT BK-002 BK-002
7-14-R-0-BT BK-002 BK-002
7-14-R-LT3-BT BK-002 BK-002
7-14-R-LT4-BT BK-002 BK-002
7-14-R-LT5-BT BK-002 BK-002
7-13-14-RL-0-BT BK-002 BK-002
7-32-R-0-BT BK-002 BK-002
7-32-R-LT3-BT BK-002 BK-002
7-32-R-LT4-BT BK-002 BK-002
7-32-R-LT5-BT BK-002 BK-002
7-43-R-0-BT BK-002 BK-002
7-51-R-0-BT BK-002 BK-002
7-51-R-LK6-BT BK-002 BK-002


  • The SKU number associated with your axle can be found on the shaft. “Inner” means the end closest to the center of the machine. “Outer” means the end closest to the wheel.

Additional information

Boot Kit

BK-001, BK-002

Boot Material

TPEE, Rubber

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