KraftWerks Honda Talon 1000R (2019-2021) Turbo Kit

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KraftWerks Honda Talon 1000R (2019-2021) Turbo Kit

Kraftwerk’s is proud to introduce the next generation of Honda Talon Turbo Kits.

While the Honda Talon showed the world just how good a side-by-side built by Honda could be, Kraftwerks wants to show the world just how much better Honda’s Talon could be with more power.

This easy-to-install, bolt-on system will reliably increase your Talon’s power by over 60% at just 8 psi of boost; that’s an increase of over 50hp and 28lb-ft tq.


At the heart of the Kraftwerks system is a high-end Garrett GT25 Dual Ball-Bearing turbo mounted on top of a well-braced heavy-duty thick-wall tubular stainless exhaust manifold that has been designed to resist the extreme g-forces common to off-road racing and riding. After testing numerous turbos on the dyno and in the field, we settled on the Garrett GT25 racing turbo because of its excellent low-end response and the substantial performance headroom it provides so owners can turn the power and boost up in the future.


Because colder intake charge-air makes more power with greater reliability, another important feature of all Kraftwerks kits is the use of a large highly efficient air-to-air intercooler mounted in the free-flowing air behind the cockpit. If required, the intercooler can support up to 400hp. Cooling fans (not included) can easily be added to the intercooler for those owners running fully enclosed cabs.


Regarding air filtration, the Kraftwerks Talon Turbo kit incorporates a Donaldson-style dual-filter intake that connects to the factory snorkel in the factory location. Though we haven’t found pre-filters to be necessary, Kraftwerks designed and laid the kit out in a way that makes adding an aftermarket particle separator a simple task.


The Kraftwerks Talon Turbo kit is compatible with both the OEM muffler and performance aftermarket exhausts.



  • 140+ WHP* / 94+ WTQ*
  • Garrett GT25 Dual-Ball Bearing Turbo
  • 8 psi Base Boost Pressure.
  • High-Efficiency 22” x 7” x 2.5” Air-to-Air Intercooler
  • Mandrel Bent Aluminum Intercooler Piping with Silicone Couplers
  • Blow-Off Valve to Prevent Compressor Surge

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