Gilomen Innovations Ranger 900 Performance ECU Tuning / Clutch Kit Package

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None Lifetime Warranty - Power Series Belt By Dynojet 19-DCB2X +$159.99
None Big Tire Mudder Spring for secondary clutch +$30.00
None Spider Jam Nut for P90 Primary Clutch +$26.00
None Jam Nut Driver Tool Polaris 900 / 1000 clutches +$49.00
None Clutch Housing Cover Gasket Foam/Rubber +$20.00
None Diamond Rollers for Standard Polaris Rapid Reaction Secondary Clutch Set of Two +$40.00
None High Performance Team Tied Secondary Clutch Heavy Duty for 2014+ 900 Models (Replaces Cheap Rapid Reaction Factory Clutch) +$399.00
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Gilomen Innovations Ranger 900 Performance ECU Tuning / Clutch Kit Package


Upgrade your ride with our comprehensive package that includes an ECU tune and Elite shift clutch kit. Should you choose to customize the package, this comprehensive set includes all the necessary components to upgrade your vehicle’s performance.


Ranger 900 ECU Tune Kit Info

Gilomen Innovations offers ECU tunes and clutch kits for Polaris 900 Ranger and 900 Ranger Crew models, with special versions available for Highlifter and Hunter Editions. Their G4 tune unlocks all power limiters to achieve massive horsepower gains throughout the RPM curve, providing 78-84HP at 7500-7800 RPM depending on the year. Top speeds can exceed 70MPH. The tune also improves low speed drivability and responsiveness while reducing engine heat, making it ideal for work, farming, and hunting. Custom tuning options are available for special applications.


  • ECU Tune, Elite Shift Clutch Kit
  • 100% throttle in High, Low, and Reverse Gear
  • All Torque Limiters Disabled
  • Professionally developed timing maps for peak performance on pump gas
  • Professionally developed fuel maps
  • Fan settings 20 degrees lower to keep engine running cool and lasting longer
  • Seat-belt limiter disabled
  • RPM limiter raised to a safe 8800 RPM
  • Speed limiters eliminated
  • Engine protections left in place
  • ADC left in place for Hunter Edition models
  • Retains Turf mode on equipped models
  • Heater function works 100% if equipped


UPDATE: Our ECU tunes and clutch kits for Polaris 900 Ranger and 900 Ranger Crew unlock power limiters, resulting in significant horsepower gains throughout the RPM curve. Our latest tunes eliminate false check engine codes 65590, 65591, and 65592. We offer two clutch kit options: the Elite Shift kit and the BlackMax adjustable weight clutch kit, both with detailed install instructions and torque specs. The Mudder Secondary Spring is recommended for preventing belt slippage with larger than 29″ tires. Our ECU tunes and clutch kits are developed in-house on our engine dynamometer and include free shipping with a 1-day turnaround time. The factory clunk/jerk at take-off is eliminated with our clutch kits, and slow speed drivability is greatly improved. The heater works just as well in the winter with our tuned ECU, as the engine’s thermostat maintains proper temperature to keep the heater core hot.


Recommended items to go with this tune and clutch kit:

  • Badass belt
  • Secondary mudder spring if running 29″ or larger tires
  • HD Team Tied secondary clutch if you want the absolute strongest and best performing clutch. The stock rapid reaction clutch is weak and prone to failure.

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Weight 2 lbs

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