Gilomen Innovations 2018+ Gen 2 Ranger 1000 Models Performance ECU Tuning / Clutch Kit Package

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Gilomen Innovations 2018+ Gen 2 Ranger 1000 Models Performance ECU Tuning / Clutch Kit Package


The Torque Monster clutch kit upgrade is the best performing kit available. If you want the strongest low end grunt, most belt grip, max overall performance then this is the kit for you!

Basic Elite Shift Clutch Kit (Solid Clutch Weights, High Performance Spring, Mid Performance Lower RPM Spring, Spring Spacer, Alignment Shims)

The Elite Shift Clutch Kit comes with two different setups:

  • Setup One: Maximum overall performance. This setup uses the shorter spring and spring spacer from our kit.  It offers maximum performance and runs at a higher rpm.
  • Setup Two:  Mid performance lower rpm. This setup uses the longer black spring from our kit with no spring spacer.  The lower rpm setup runs at a lower rpm compared to the high performance setup. The low rpm setup is commonly used where guys like to cruise at lower speeds or are looking for a bit milder performance compared to the max performance setup.


Ranger 1000 ECU Tune Kit Info

Gilomen Innovations offers a G5 100 HP ECU tune and clutch kit for 2018+ Polaris Ranger 1000 gen 2 models. This tune is specifically designed for your exact model and tire size. The three position performance switch on the dash remains fully functional, with the “Performance” mode offering all-out power. This tune allows 100% power in all gears, raises the rev limiter to 8800 RPM, and eliminates speed limiters. The clutch tuning is a must with this tune, and Gilomen Innovations offers clutch kit options for a smooth and responsive takeoff. The Elite shift clutch kit and Torque Monster adjustable clutch kit are available for installation in 30 minutes. All of our tunes are developed in-house with our engine dynamometer, ensuring the best customer service and product quality.


  • 100% throttle in High, Low, and Reverse Gear
  • All Torque Limiters Disabled
  • Professionally developed timing maps for peak performance on pump gas
  • Professionally developed fuel maps
  • Fan settings 20 degrees lower to keep engine running cool and lasting longer
  • Seat-belt limiter disabled
  • RPM limiter raised to a safe 8800 RPM
  • Speed limiters eliminated
  • False misfire codes eliminated
  • Engine protections left in place
  • A/C function left in place for Northstar models
  • ADC left in place for Hunter Edition models
  • Retains Turf mode on equipped models
  • Heater function works 100% if equipped


UPDATE: 3/12/2018 Many Polaris models with stock ECU programming suffer from false misfire codes ( 65590, 65591, 65592 ) due to drive belt issues, excessive tire spin, constant high speed driving, or for no apparent reason at all. Polaris made these codes way too sensitive & are unable to delete the codes. Our newest version tunes 3/12/2018 and later will eliminates the false check engine codes 65590, 65591, 65592!!

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Weight 2 lbs

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