Gilomen Innovations ’20+ Ranger 1000 SOHC Models Torque Monster Clutch Kit

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Gilomen Innovations ’20+ Ranger 1000 SOHC Models Torque Monster Clutch Kit


Torque Monster adjustable clutch kit. There is not a kit on the market that even comes close to this!  This kit is specifically engineered to provide maximum belt grip and low end grunt to get your big heavy Ranger moving! If you run larger tires this kit is a must even on a stock machine! It offers smooth take off, absolutely amazing belt grip, very responsive power, strong acceleration, and great top speed! At lower cruising speeds you can enjoy close to stock low rpm for a quiet pleasant ride yet when you put the hammer to the floor the rpm will climb up into the power band for amazing acceleration and speed!

You can have your cake and eat it too!  If you burn a belt with this kit you are doing something wrong because the belt grip is absolutely out of this world! The weights come with replaceable bushings for the guys that crank on the high miles so they can simply replace the bushings instead of replacing the whole clutch weight like other kits on the market.

Full range of adjustment can be had with this kit.  If you like low and slow rpm you can simply add magnets to load the engine down. If you run at high elevation or you like high rpm you simply run less magnets. Very easy to adjust!

Weights come pre-calibrated for your model so you can simply install the kit without any guesswork.

I recommend getting the secondary clutch compression tool to install the secondary spring if you are running 32″ tires or larger. It is also recommend to install the upgrade secondary spring if you do heavy mud bogging even with smaller tires.


What Is Included In The Kit:
  • Torque Monster Clutch Weights
  • Primary Clutch Spring
  • Secondary Clutch Spring (For 32″ + Tire Size)
  • Alignment Shims (Only Use If Needed)
  • Full Stack Of Rare Earth Magents
  • Complete Instructions And Setup Sheet
  • Clutch Weight Storage Case

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs

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