Gilomen Innovations ’18+ Ranger 1000 Pro Upgrade Clutch System with Torque Monster Clutch Kit




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Gilomen Innovations ’18+ Ranger 1000 Pro Upgrade Clutch System with Torque Monster Clutch Kit


The Ranger Pro complete primary and secondary clutch system is an extreme heavy duty upgrade over the stock Ranger 1000 clutches. We calibrated the Pro primary clutch and made it ready for bolting on. We loaded the spider with heavy-duty 22mm wide rollers for long life and durability. The outer cover is billet aluminum with cooling slots and fins allowing more airflow and cooler belt temps. The outer cover comes with encased tower supports for unparalleled strength. The bushing is retained with a spiral clip to prevent bushing movement. The clutch weights have high strength replaceable bushings.

The Ranger Pro clutch features a non-EBS high strength two-way needle bearing that eliminates the hard shifting problem in the 2018+ Ranger 1000 models caused by the stock EBS mechanism’s poor design. The stock Ranger 1000 clutch is plagued by many issues related to the EBS system. Experiencing problems with your stock primary clutch on your Ranger 1000? This clutch is the ideal solution. This clutch is the strongest and smoothest operating primary clutch option currently available for your 2018+ Ranger 1000. Your original mounting bolt can be used with this clutch, making installation a breeze.

It comes with our amazing Torque Monster weights and spring already installed and set up for your machine. The Torque Monster weights allow for smooth operation, amazing belt grip, and strong acceleration. This HD secondary clutch assembly has beefed up castings and stronger bushing retention. We improved the problem areas of the old clutch to enhance its strength and longevity. Comes with a heavy duty billet bushing retainer plate to prevent the bushing from moving.

The fins on the outer sheave are larger to provide improved cooling for longer clutch and belt life. The helix in this clutch has reduced back cut for less engine braking which provides smoother operation and a much improved driving experience. It comes pre set up for you machine build. It is ready to bolt on. You simply remove your original clutches and bolt these on. Your stock belt works with this clutch system. The 2018+ Ranger 1000 primary clutch puller tool works on this clutch. This clutch system does not have EBS. Fits 2018-2020 Ranger 1000, all models.



  • Primary Clutch
  • Torque Monster Clutch Kit (Pre Set Up And Installed In The Clutches For You)
  • Hd Secondary Clutch
  • Dynojet Power Series Lifetime Warranty Belt
  • Alignment Shims
  • Installation Instructions And Setup Sheet

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Weight 29 lbs

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