Aftermarket Assassins Can Am X3 High Flow Intake Kit for Stock Airbox

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Aftermarket Assassins Can Am X3 High Flow Intake Kit for Stock Airbox

  • Fits all 2017-2019 X3 Models including the XMR.  **Does not fit any 2020 models**
  • Looking for the best intake kit for your stock airbox?  Look no further than our high flow kit that easily allows your X3 to take huge gulps of air when needed.  We found the stock airbox to be a great design with a nice 2-7/8″ inlet, so we fixed the bottleneck which is the outlet size.  We take the stock airbox outlet from a tiny 1.75″ to a huge 3″ aluminum outlet.  This is as big as you can possibly go, so we can assure you the airbox outlet tube will no longer be your intake restriction.  This results in more power, lower boosted air temps, and much better sustained power.
  • Aluminum design welded right here in the USA
  • Largest flowing intake on the market for the stock airbox
  • Gains 5-7 rwhp on stock or pump gas tunes and even more on higher boost tunes
  • Lower charge temps due to the turbo being less restricted results in more sustained power
  • Installs in place of your factory outlet.  Simply remove your airbox, cut a slot in your factory outlet to remove it, press or tap in our 3″ outlet, then re-assemble the airbox.  More detailed instructions are included.
  • Made at the AA Facility in the USA


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